Why Recycling Is the Best Disposal Option for Old, Damaged & Scrap Cars in Perth

If you want to get cash for scrap metal recycling in Perth then Dream Lucky has you covered.They buy scrap metal of all grades and a wide range of recycling services including the likes of old car batteries and e-scrap. Regardless of what you need disposed of, they will find a way to recycle it in an ethical way.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling is an increasingly important part of our society, helping us make the most of our limited resources. Paper, plastics and cardboard are commonly known to be recyclable, However, many people remain unaware that metal can also be recycled. In fact recycling your scrap metal is incredibly helpful as it prevents the need for new iron ore to be mined and thus helps protect native habitats. 

Recycling scrap metal in Perth costs only a fraction compared to the costs incurred by mining and refining the metals. Scrap metal doesn’t have to be considered junk. It is a highly precious resource that can be completed many times.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

There are three main types of benefits that can be achieved through scrap metal recycling in Perth.


A lot of energy is saved by recycling metals instead of mining new elements. One good example in aluminium. Up to 92% of the energy required to mine and refine aluminium could be saved by recycling. This is so significant that you would be able to save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for well over 4 hours by recycling a single aluminium can.


By using less energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling scrap metal is a very environmentally responsible choice. The latter is of particular note as these gases can accelerate climate change and contribute to harmful air pollution. This isn’t all, by recycling scrap metal, 40% less water is required and 97% less mining waste is produced.


So let’s say you’re not too fussed regarding environmental benefits. It turns out that scrap metal recycling in Perth is good for the economy. By recycling metal we are creating 6 times as many jobs than would be produced by sending the same metal to landfill and a whopping 36 times more jobs than incinerating the metal. 

Recycling Your Old, Damaged, or Scrap Car in Perth

Dream Lucky will give you the most cash for your scrap metal as they have the best scrap metal recycling prices you can find. It doesn’t matter what condition your scrap metal is in, they are happy to take it off your hands for cash! So get rid of your scrap metal in Perth today and contribute to a vibrant circular economy while doing what’s best for our planet.