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Got waste? Think Eco Resources. Although there are many waste disposal companies, many of them aren’t able to handle all kinds of rubbish. This is why Eco Resources is the industry leader when it comes to resource recovery, recycling services and waste management companies in Perth. They handle any type of waste, from the benign to the hazardous. They truly are your one stop solution for any waste you might have.

Type waste that can be disposed of

Eco Resources takes care of waste of all kinds. Here are some of the most common types of waste they deal with:

A garden cleanup is something most people are familiar with and can leave you with a lot of excess waste that can’t be dealt with solely by using the weekly wheelie bins. Organic waste needs special care in order to ensure that it doesn’t unnecessarily fill landfill and to take advantage of its ability to be renewed and composted. Waste management companies in Perth will typically use local facilities in order to process organic matter and convert it.

Disposing electronics can be tricky because they often contain toxic elements. These substances can end up seeping out into groundwater or otherwise contaminating the environment if they are not disposed of correctly. Good waste disposal companies will typically do a number of things to ensure that electronics are safely taken care of. Every company must comply with current environmental legislation and ensure that all necessary resources are extracted from e-waste, whether they are functioning, faulty or obsolete.

Liquid waste is another type of waste that can be quite difficult to handle for obvious reasons. Aqueous and sludgy materials are handled in a safe and effective manner as Eco Resources has a large range of tankers available to manage various liquid substances including sewerage and industrial waste of all kinds.

Out of all the waste types mentioned, these are the kinds that require the most care and consideration I order to ensure that the removal process is swift and safe. Effective waste management in Perth means being thorough through all the stages starting with collection, through the treatment phase and finally the disposal. Legal compliance and environmental considerations are essential. Eco Resources is committed to finding environmental solutions that won’t harm the planet, all the while providing you with avenue to get rid of your harmful and dangerous waste.

Being leaders of waste management in Perth, Eco Resources deal with a variety of other waste types that haven’t been mentioned. If you’re not sure if they can take your rubbish just give them a call and their customer service team will tell you everything you need to know.

Choose Eco Resources for waste management in Western Australia

As one of the top waste disposal companies, Eco Resources has you covered no matter what you need disposed. Whether you need demolition recycling, debris removal or a general waste clearance, they will be able to assist. Get in touch with them today.