How to Increase the Value of Scrap Cars

Cash for Cars

We all have a car or vehicle that we have to let go of. The car could be taking up too much space in the garage, costs more to fix than is worth or is completely unroadworthy. So what do do you in that case? Can you get money for scrapping your car? The answer is yes! There are many cash for cars Perth services available where you can get instant cash and they will even tow your car away for you for free. But before you rush out and call the first scrap cars for cash Perth company, read on. We will let you know what you can do to increase the value of your scrap car first so you can get even more money.

Firstly, there are things that a scrap metal Perth recycler look for when buying a scrap car.  Is the car in good working condition? if the car can be driven away, you will get more money because the individual parts from the car as well as the whole can be sold on at auction. It also means the company can drive your car away without having to tow it away. Less cost for the car removal company means more money for you.

Be specific and truthful about the condition of your car. This will ensure you get given an accurate quote and are not wasting anyones time with false or misleading information. If your car is no longer running, let them know why and when it stopped running. Remember, if your car still has working individual parts, they can still be sold and you can still get good money for it. Don’t worry if your car is not driveable. The vehicle itself is made up of valuable scrap metal and you can expect to receive market rates based on the weight of your car.  Note that this could equate to a few hundreds of dollars.

Why Choose Cash for Cars Perth Companies?

Scrap cash for cars companies are far more reliable and quicker than advertising your car privately and having to haggle or deal with time wasters. It is also far better for your pocket than simply taking it to a scrap heap and doing more damage to the environment.

A cash for car expert can come to you at a time and place that is convenient, expertly appraise the car and offer you an instant quote. With minimum paperwork to fill out, as soon as you hand over your car registration documents, you will receive cash on the spot. Your vehicle is taken away and almost all of it is either used, recycled or sold on with minimal to zero waste going into landfill sites.

Where to Sell Scrap Cars for Cash Perth

Now you know the benefits of selling you scrap car, what is the best place to sell your car? When selling your scrap cars for cash, picking the right company is extremely important. For quick cash Perth, regardless of the age, type, make, model or condition of your vehicle, we recommend you sell to Dream Lucky Scrap Metal in Perth.

With a combined scrap metal recycling industry experience of over 40 years and major international exporters in Perth, you can guarantee the best competitive pricing for all of your metal recycling needs. You will also receive the right advice from experienced cash for cars Perth buyers, a dedicated and friendly customer service team and knowing you are dealing with an environmentally responsible company. To get an instant quote as well as instant cash Perth, call :0411 747 174