5 Things To Do Before Scrapping Your Car In Perth

Ever asked yourself “How can I get the most money for my junk car?” Scrap metal recycling is the perfect means of getting rid of your car without the hassle of private selling and without the cost of constant repairs. Scrap metal recyclers Perth are happy to take your car off your hands, regardless of the make, model or age of your car. With your car full of valuable scrap metal wanted by cash for car companies, you can ensure you can get the best rates for something you once considered junk.

Before you start the scrap Metal Recycling process, here are  5 things to do before your scrap your car to help you stay ahead:

#1 Remove Personal Belongings
Your car is probably full of personal belongings such as sunglasses, wallet, spare keys, paperwork, CDs, photos and more, so make sure you clear it out. Check the car doors, the glove compartment, the boot, underneath the car seats and all trays.

# 2 Get Your Car Ownership Documents in Order
The most important thing to transfer ownership of your car to the scrap metal recyclers Perth company.  You can find out how to do this by visiting the department of transport website for detailed information on the regulations on sales to scrap metal recycling car yards.

# 3 Look for Valuable Components to Sell in Perth
All aspects of you car will be valuable but some parts will be worth more than others. If you have the time and patience, you can dismantle your car and sell some of the valuable car parts separately to private buyers.  Only do this before you contact a cash for car Perth company though so you can give them the right information and receive an accurate quote on what is left to sell.  

#4 Remove the License Plates
To speed up the process, make sure your car is in a hand-over ready state. Remove the licence plates and cancel your registration and insurance ahead of time and keep the car off the road.

# 5 Use up Your Fuel
Before you sell your car, make sure you get the most out of it and that means using up all the fuel. There is no point in selling a car for scrap with fuel already in the tank. After all it is money you spent and if you don’t use it, the fuel will be drained by the Scrap Metal Recyclers Perth, so it will literally be like flushing money down the drain!

So How much money do you get for a junk car?

Well there’s only one way to find out. Leaders in the scrap metal recycling industry, Dream Lucky have been recycling and paying great rates to Perth residents for over 21 years and have over 40 years combined industry experience. Their team of expert appraisers will come to you at a time and location to suit you. They will look through your car and as they are constantly monitoring the market, they will happily pay you the going rate for your car and/or parts.

Located centrally and servicing the Perth Metropolitan area, they guarantee outstanding service, competitive rates, cash on the spot, FREE car removal service and a hassle-free transaction.