What To Do With Your Old Car?

Wondering what to do with your old car in Perth? Do you want to know how can you get more money for your old car?  You may think your old, battered and broken car is useless, but the fact your car, no matter how old will still be worth something, especially to the scrap car removal Perth companies.

Specialist cash for car Perth company All Car Removals, will happily buy your car regardless of its make, model, age or condition.  Of course there are always other options and we break down some of them, along with the pros and cons.

Trade it!

If there is considerable need for that specific car model out there, you might be able to trade in your old car for a newer one. The value you get will be related to the price of the new cars and truck. You consequently end up having to spend much less on your new car. However there is a downside to this.

Initially, the vehicle dealer will offer you a great price for your car but their ultimate aim is to get it at a rock bottom price so they will certainly bargain hard and your car needs to be in a reasonably good condition too. Second, while the idea of offsetting your old car with the purchase of a new one sounds like good value, the difference may just be too large anyway.

Sell it to family and friends

Maybe a family member, pal or workmate has actually shown some interest and may considering buying the car from you. However while this may seem like a perfect solution, there are repercussions to selling you car to someone you know well. If you car did break down or something went wrong later down the track, they may blame you for selling them a faulty car and this could ruin your relationship.

Donate It

There are a number of charities that operate programs to which you can contribute your automobile. A few of them will even employ skilled jobless people to fix them.

Charities that run programs where you can donate your scrap  car have plenty of advantages incuding the fact that you can receive a tax obligation invoice for the fair market price of the car you have donated. Of course these charities are not easy to come by so even though the idea sounds nice, it may not be possible.

Dismantle It

There is an enormous market for the scrap metal components of your car. You may not realise it, but when you break your car apart you will find yourself looking at a veritable feast of scrap metal all with great market rates.

Once you have dismantled the car, you can try and sell the scrap pieces yourself, however chances are you won’t have the relationship of scrap metal buyers and you won’t get the best price. Also while some of the parts will be sold quite quickly, others just won’t be taken up and you’ll end up with a mass of parts lying around your garage. Plus the older the car, the lower the demand for its components is likely to be.

Sell It

This brings us back to the beginning. Selling your car to a cash for car Perth company is easy because they will take your car no matter what the condition. You don’t have to deal with time wasters, trying to sell it online and waiting for no shows or dumping it and being totally out of

If your car is in a drivable state you will certainly get a fair amount of money, but the beauty of a car removal company is that they will also pay for your car and tow you car for FREE because they can sell, recycle and reuse the parts.

All Car Removals Perth are a buyer, wrecker and recycle in one. Their experience and knowledge means you will be offered the bestrides for your car. The whole process is simple too. They will come to you, appraise your car, pay you instant cash and take the car away.

It really couldn’t be simpler!