How to Keep Pests on Your Skip Bin

So you have organised a skip bin hire Perth to load the rubbish from your home or garden clear out. But it’s not all about throwing things in. It is just as important to keep things out, namely pests! There are all sorts that can creep their way into your Perth skip bin hire including rats , mice, flies and maggots, cockroaches, crickets and more.

Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Skip Bin

Below a re a few top tips to keep pests out of your skip bin:

Close and Lock the Container Cover

It may look like a straightforward guideline, yet there are many who never use, or forget to close and also lock the bin cover after they have finished loading their rubbish. Many individuals assume that they only need to worry about bugs during the night, but feral pet cats and also pet dogs frequently rummage through your rubbish during the day too! If your bin does not have a lock, use a bungee cord to keep the lid closed or weight the cover with a brick so an animal can not raise it.

Abide By Rubbish Standards

Perth skip bin hire companies have important rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to. This is not to make things difficult for you, but  are there to ensure the waste disposal is easy, safe and also risk-free. These standards may include constraints on waste content such as:

No organic waste

No food waste

No hazardous or toxic chemicals

Complying with these 3 specific constraints can reduce the appeal of your Perth skip bin hire to animals who really are only scouring through your skip bin for food items anyway.

Pest Control

Another simple, yet effective way of making your skip bin hire Perth unattractive to rodents and pests is to spray strong-smelling materials in the container’s corners.

You don’t necessarily need to pay for expensive sprays either. Here are a few home made sprays you can use instead that will do just as great a job:

Cayenne pepper in water

Watered down bleach


Be sure when using deterrents that they don’t have a corrosive effect on your bin.

Keep Your Skip Bin Hire Perth Clean

If you have organised a long term skip hire WA for ongoing building works, for example,  determine if the mini skip bins Perth hire company offers routine bin cleaning services.

For home owners, you can simply hose the bin down after it’s cleared. You can also choose to line the bottom of your skip bin with a container liner or use newspaper to protect against remaining food smells, which can draw in vermin even after the source is disposed of.

Good Placement

Your container’s positioning can likewise affect how appealing it appears to animals. Ask your hire firm to put the bin in a clear area, away from any kind of fences or barriers including near

Over ground pools

Yard trellises

Now that you are armed with these top tips, head over to WA Skips, Perth’s cheapest skip bin hire across the Perth metro area Mon – Sat. WA skip offers a wide variety of bin sizes for different waste types including general waste, green waste, mixed heavy waste, mixed rubble, household, excavation and asbestos waste.

You can keep your skip bin for up to 7 days and have a same day delivery option!

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