5 Tips For Effective Waste Management

Australia accumulates an incredible amount of waste and is one of the highest contributors in the world. With the landfill sites having reached capacity and the environmental implications of our waste posing a great threat to our country. Now is the time to take action and properly look at alternative and responsible waste management solutions. Waste management recycling means reducing the amount of waste we generate by reusing as much as we can, recycling and donating.

Here are our top 5 tips for effective recycling and waste management

1 Re-think

One effective waste management recycling solutions is to make full use of your belongings until such point where it becomes unfit for purpose or broken. We live in a society that simply upgrades to bigger and better products even when there is nothing at all wrong with the current one. Often times, these perfectly useful products are stored in a garage until it is eventually cleared out and disposed of. Ask yourself whether you truly require brand new item and if you do, always opt for the environmentally friendly choice.

Getting products in bulk, long-life or concentrated products not only helps reduce product packaging waste, but it takes much less energy to transport and hence saves on natural resources. Choose premium quality products that will last longer as opposed to disposable throw-away products simply because they are cheaper and convenient.

When selecting electrical products and white goods, look at the energy ratings and choose those products that have a high energy rating. Not only will these products last longer, but they are more energy efficient and a more responsible purchasing decision.

2 Minimize

Another waste management suggestions is to reduce the amount of packaging when you buy grocery items. Now that we have done away with single use plastic bags, the next step is to be mindful of product packaging and choose items that are recycle friendly.

One more smart means of lowering waste is to say no to disposable coffee cups (buy your own re-usable one), and also to avoid getting bottled water

3 Reuse

There are a variety of things that can be re-used from books as well as apparel to furnishings and electric devices. Second hand stores and yard sales are a great way of selling your unwanted items as well as purchasing things you need.

Jars, bottles as well as takeaway containers can also be re-used and a terrific alternative to disposable coverings.

4 Recycle

Waste management recycling is something you do every time you utilise those multi-coloured bins in our home and is by far the easiest, most efficient methods of reducing waste. Acceptable products for our yellow-topped recycling bins consist of paper, newspapers, milk as well as juice cartons, aluminium canisters and also glass containers.

Kerbside collections are also a terrific way of recycling unwanted ‘things’ and even picking up some great things yourself. After all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

You can even go to your neighbourhood resource recovery centre where you can unload larger products, whether they be of the general or environment-friendly waste range. Local councils additionally provide a selection of waste management recycling solutions, as well as drop-off choices for products like batteries and toxic products.

Have a great deal of green waste?  A great way to make use of green waste is composting. Developing an effective composting system is in fact a whole lot less complicated than you believe, and even one of the most basic composting systems will make a great difference to your garden flower beds and shrubs.

5 Re-educate

Ultimately, an important element of dealing with and minimising waste is about re-education. A lot of us understand the fundamentals of reusing, however we also all lead active lives so usually ignore its relevance in terms of taking care of our setting. Reliable waste management starts at home so see to it you and also your family are committed to disposing of your household rubbish effectively, and attempting to acquire items that are environmentally friendly.

Re-education is not just limited to residential homes. Offices are big culprits and having an effective office recycling solutions plan in place is vital if collectively, we are to reduce our waste contributions.

Effective Waste Management Systems

If you need any help with planning effective waste management systems for your home or office, then ECO Resources are WA’s waste management success stories. Leaders in waste management in Perth, Eco Resources has diverted more than 500,000m3 of waste from landfill each year.

ECO also offers and operates several collections businesses incorporating Skip, Hooklift, Frontlift and Rearlift services as well as a waste management.