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Save Time and Money With Scrap Car Removal Perth

Unwanted? Used? Just out of the showroom? Scrap? Wrecked? Accident? Junk? Whatever the condition of your vehicle, Scrap Car Removals Perth offers free car removals that pay the highest instant cash. We service all suburbs of Perth and are an industry leader paying some of the highest payouts on FREE car removals in Perth. Give us a call to find out the value of your vehicle at our scrap metal recycling yard.

We accept all makes and models of any age and condition

  • Wrecked Subaru- We pay instant cash!
  • Used Mitsubishi- We pay instant cash!
  • Junk Ford- We pay instant cash!
  • Scrap Holden- We pay instant cash!
Running or not, your vehicle has worth when you have your car removed by Scrap Car Removals.

Cash for Cars

Cash for cars does not mean you have to go through hoops. Scrap Car Removals offers free car removals that are fast and convenient. Our car appraisers can offer instant cash offers over the phone that are guaranteed when you have us perform your car removal. With a few details like the make and model, age and condition of your vehicle, we can give you an instant offer on your car. We pay up to $6000 instant cash for car exchange. There is never a hassle, no hoops to jump through, no red tape, no mounds of paperwork, just a quick Cash For Car Perth exchange. We even provide any necessary paperwork. Just give us a call at the number above, and we will give you a cash offer.

We Accept Trucks and 4x4s, Too!

Cars are not the only removals we perform at Scrap Car Removals. We also perform truck, 4 x 4, van, SUV, commercial vehicle, ute, motorcycle, etc. You name it, running or not; we will come to your location and remove it for free. Our car removals are worth up to $6000 instant cash. So, whether you have a used Holden 4 x 4, a wrecked Subaru, a used Mitsubishi or another type of vehicle we will come to your location and remove it for free. It is that simple! And, before we leave, we will put instant cash in your pocket!

Car Appraisers and Car Wreckers

You will not find a better bunch of car appraisers and car wreckers than at Scrap Car Removals Perth! With extensive training, quality equipment and years of experience in the trade, they are experts in their trade. And, with them knowing their business, they can provide you with top cash on any condition car removal. Our car appraisers have knowledge of all makes and models of any age and condition. With their extensive knowledge, they can provide instant cash offers over the phone and via our Instant Cash Offer form. They only require a few details like the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle. With that, you will be provided an instant cash offer of up to $6000. Our Car Wreckers are just as polished with extensive knowledge and experience and sophisticated wrecking yards that include sophisticated equipment. With all the tools, they have the means to dismantle all vehicles, stripping them to a bare shell and then crushing the metal. With this process, we can recycle, reuse and resell all parts and components of the vehicle. This is why we can offer you maximum payouts on any condition car removal. Our Car Wreckers are completely eco-friendly, avoiding the landfills at all costs.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Scrap Car Removals Perth, you are guaranteed a top paying car removal Perth. Aside from instant cash for cars, we never charge a towing fee. The Car Removal is completely in the house! No towing fee, no service fee. We are a fully licensed used auto trader and car wrecker that offers many advantages, including accepting any condition vehicle. It is our cash for cars system and our stellar service that has brought us the reputation in Perth as being the number 1 choice in a car removal company. When you call Scrap Car Removals, you are assured:
  • 24-hour car removals
  • Instant cash payments of up to $6000
  • Service to all suburbs of Perth
  • Accept all makes and models of any age and condition
  • Provides instant cash offers
  • Removes car collections of all sizes
  • Is always fast and efficient
  • Professional service guaranteed
With each car removal we perform, we guarantee a quality!

24 Hour Car Removals

When your schedule is busy, you need a car removal company that can work when you are available. Scrap Car Removals is that company. We offer 24-hour car removals that are always performed free of charge. Whether you need a:
  • Scrap Car Removal
  • Used Car Removal
  • Old Car Removal
  • Accident Car Removal
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Wrecked Car Removal
  • Broken Car Removal
  • Damaged Car Removal
Whatever condition of your vehicle, we will pay instant cash. Our car removal specialists work around the clock to provide you with exceptional car removals. Travelling in custom removal vehicles, there is no car collection we are not prepared to remove. There is never a better time to get rid of your unwanted, used, old, rusted, wrecked, damaged, accident, scrap or junk car than now. Scrap Car Removals can put up to $6000 instant cash in your pocket. Just give us a call by following the directions below.

Contact Us Today

Cash for cars is our business and one we know and do well. With expert car appraisers and auto wreckers, as well as car removers, you are assured the best car removal in Perth! Just give us a call, and we will provide you with instant Cash For Cars offer. If you would prefer to contact us via this page, just look up at the top of the page where you will see an call now button. With a few details, we will provide you with an instant cash offer.

Damaged Car Removals

It is extremely important to select the appropriate service to take your car. For this you can either ask friends for the names of reputed companies that they have dealt with or browse the internet for well-known companies.

Commercial Vehicle Removals

Once you have shortlisted a couple of companies, talk to them and get client referrals, so that you can inquire about them. You must also ascertain that they will take away your particular car, as there are certain services that do not take away certain modes of transport.

Van Removals

In general, the better of the companies will not take any fees for towing away your car and will see that they take away the vehicle within a matter of two or three days at the latest.

The primary point is to ensure that there is enough space in your area for the towing truck to be able to get near your car.  Request neighbors move their cars or other modes of transport so that the truck can get to your car. In case your car is in a place where the tow truck cannot reach it, then you will have to arrange to move the car.

You have to see that you take away the number plates of the car. Also make quite certain that you have not left any personal belonging behind in your car, they could be personal papers, a radio, or other extra trimmings that you had fixed in your vehicle.

Any good company that takes away cars either to the junk yard or to get rid of it as scrap will necessarily ask to see your identity to prove that you are the legal owner of the car. This is because they would not want to get into trouble for taking away someone elses car.